Educational Project

The goals that Il nano Gigante pursues with respect to the educational path are the maturation of identity, the conquest of autonomy and the development of the primary skills of the child, not separated from adequate training with respect to the sensory and emotional sphere.

In carrying out the training and educational activity we tend to recognize the individuality of each individual child, its needs, its propensities and its abilities, to guide and support it in its full development taking into account its nature and its genuine and personal interests.

The planning of the educational path is based on a serene, positive and open to discovery environment: the child is free to express himself, learn and satisfy his desire to build, know and deepen the why of things.

Inspired Educational Project
To the Method “Reggio children”

The didactic activities draw inspiration from the innovative "Reggio Children" method of Reggio Emilia (www.reggiochildren.it), and are proposed through engaging, stimulating and playful experiences.
The activities are carried out in the classes or areas intended for thematic workshops and are based on the methodology of active participation, with the aim of stimulating children's curiosity and inviting them to discover the world around them through the five senses.

il nano Gigante: Area linguistico - espressiva

Linguistic - expressive area

Linguistic intelligence is expressed through the propensity to listen and verbal production. Therefore, training in this area is pursued through the fairy tale as a teaching tool, which is first told through techniques that allow you to capture the child's attention (puppet theater, disguises, images, etc.) and in a second phase represented and reworked by the children themselves through composition or drawing games.

Graphic area - pictorial - plastic

Various activities are proposed within a special atelier with the aim of stimulating the expressiveness and creativity of each.

The atelierista involves children, divided into small groups, in experiences aimed at supporting and enhancing knowledge and intelligence.

il nano Gigante: Area grafica - pittorica - plastica
il nano Gigante: Educazione cosmica

Cosmic education

Zoology, botany, anthropology, geology and all the sciences of the earth introduce children to the knowledge of the scientific laws that govern natural phenomena.
The aim is to encourage the possibility of contact with nature, both by bringing natural phenomena inside the school, and vice versa by bringing children out of school, into their direct contact.

Didactic activities in English

The methodology adopted for teaching English is engaging and motivating, based on play, dramatization, mimicry and singing activities.
The native English teacher is present every day during the daily activities scheduled by age group, in order to guarantee a serious and structured approach to bilingualism from the first year.

il nano Gigante: Attività didattiche in lingua inglese
il nano Gigante: Propedeutica musicale

Musical propaedeutics

Our music course is held once a week by a musician specialized in musical education for children, and aims to bring the child closer to the great musical universe by knowing the language and developing his musical sensitivity, but also to contribute to the overall formation of the person, to his socialization, to the development of his intellectual abilities, to respect for himself and others, to his global growth.


Next to the curriculum subjects, Il nano Gigante dedicates great space and attention to the development of the child's psychomotor skills, through a wide range of proposals for physical activity, always conducted in compliance with the possibilities and limits of both the age group, both of the individual.The goal is a harmonious growth of the individual, in which the intellectual and cognitive development on the one hand, the physical one on the other, interpenetrate and proceed in a balanced interaction.


Within school hours, the school organizes swimming courses at external structures, to start children to exercise in contact with water and to a serene and balanced relationship with this particular dimension.

il nano Gigante: Nuoto