Summer camp

The "Holiday Center" service is aimed at children who attend kindergartens and elementary classes, divided into the following age groups: 3/6 years - 7/11 years; pursues the aim of supporting parents who, during the summer, carry out work activities and, at the same time, intend to provide the child with an environment permeated by a spirit of creativity, in the game, which differs from the typically scholastic one in that it is free from curricular programming

The need for equipped spaces that offer the possibility of living play and fun experiences even in the city at the end of the schools remains strongly felt by the children and, consequently, by the parents.

Hundreds of children have passed over the years from our holiday center, active from the closure of the schools until the month of September included, and from the winter one, during the holiday periods during the school year.

The project of the "Holiday Center" is, therefore, careful to make the child perceive the atmosphere of the holiday time through creative, manipulative and sporting experiences coordinated by operators with experiences gained in the youth sector (teachers, educators, "animators") by implementing the right balance between play activities, animation, team games and workshops. The strength of our proposal remains our group of educating members.

throughout July and the first 2 weeks of September.